Comparing sample data in Teradata and Netezza


Comparing sample data in Teradata and Netezza

Hi All,

I have a requirement to compare sample Teardata records from one table with another table in netezza. The process which I am following currently is :

- using SQL assistant export around 500 records from Teardata table in an excel

- similarly,export 500 records from netezza(using the key records from Teradata sample in query)

- compare both excel using formulas and highlighting the unmatched columns

This task would be repeated for various tables in future as we are migrating from teradata and Netezza. Can someone please suggest if a tool can be created to automate this comparison.

also, I am selecting the records based on the sample command (SAMPLE 500) so is it the correct way to do the sampling or any better approach is available. there are around 10 Lakh records in the table.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Comparing sample data in Teradata and Netezza

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Experts, please suggest if you have any better solution to this.