Connection timeout with .NET provider 13.01

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Connection timeout with .NET provider 13.01

I have installed the Teradata .NET driver 13.01 and have tested it using the NDQuery from a desktop machine. The connection to the server works and I am able to run queries also.

But, I need to have the driver installed on a server grade machine, and on that machine, the NDQuery app times out and fails when I specify the same connection parameters. I am guessing that firewall is blocking some ports, but am not clear what ports need to be opened.

Interestingly enough, there is also an ODBC client installed, which does allow the connection to go through successfully. I was told that the ODBC client communicates on port 1025 which is open for the machine. Does the .NET provider use a different port? Which port? Any other suggestions on what I may try to troubleshoot?


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Re: Connection timeout with .NET provider 13.01

.NET Data Provider also uses port number 1025 by default. The port number is configurable via the Connection String.
It is documented in the Help-File; see TdConnectionStringBuilder.PortNumber or TdConnection.ConnectionString.

I suggest using an IP Address for the "Data Source". This will eliminate any DNS issues.