Error In Connecting Teradata Pmon


Error In Connecting Teradata Pmon

I am unable to connect the Teradata Performance Monitor.
Error Is
8071:Teradata Error
Form :Main

parameters supplied are as follows

databasename :

user name :

databasename I have given is Praneet which is alias name in Hostfile for the server I am connection to.

My hostfile is updated as follows praneet praneetcop1

I also have one DSN name as praneet
Teradata Employee

Re: Error In Connecting Teradata Pmon

8071 Deprecated logons are not allowed by administrator. Upgrade client software to latest version.

Your TeraGSS and/or CLIv2 components are back-level. And possibly PMON as well. Uninstall the old CLIv2, TDICU, TeraGSS and install current versions.

Re: Error In Connecting Teradata Pmon

I faced the same problem and replaced my WinCLi32.dll to the latest one ( with 224 KB). Replace this file C:\Program Files\NCR\Teradata Client\cliv2\wincli32.dll with the latest one.