Error on read with WebFocus


Error on read with WebFocus

When we run the select statement query from a view using SQL Passthru we are getting the below error:

 (FOC1400) SQLCODE IS 3996 (HEX: 00000F9C)

 : Right truncation of string data.

When I googled I got the answer that we need to add MODE option to the connect statement, however we have a locked down system and the developer advises that he cannot add the parameter in the SQL Passthru

There is another very similar view that works fine, the difference with this one is that I am having to cast out as Varchar(80) for the UNION to work.

Is there anything that should be done in the view code to serve the data in a different format? Or where do we look in WebFocus connections?

All advice gratefully received! Thank you