Error while setting up proxy user using BO

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Error while setting up proxy user using BO


I am working to set up a proxy user to connect from BO to teradata. I am able to test this using sql assistant. Basically, i am executing two commands :

 1.Grant connect through idw_bo_user to permanent "samir.singh" with role myrole; - This sets up a connect through for user "samir.singh" using "idw_bo_user".

 2. With idw_bo_user login, i run a set query band command - Set query_band ='proxyuser=samir.singh;' for session; This statement sets samir.singh as a proxyuser for that session.

 This works perfect as expected.

Now, when i try to set this up using BO, i get error that "connect through has not been granted to 'samir.singh' through idw_bo_user. This error arises because it is not expecting single quotes in queryband for 'samir.singh'. When i try the same thing in sql assist, i get the same error.

The queryband that gets generated in BO looks like - SET QUERY_BAND='PROXYUSER='@VARIABLE('BOUSER')';' FOR TRANSACTION;

So, my question is : is the BO not passing the parameters right by including single (or double not sure) quotes in the name ? Could someone suggest how to solve this issue. We have identified the probelm , but not sure who is wrong here either TD or BO ?

--Samir Singh