Excel and Multistatement SQL Passthrough

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Excel and Multistatement SQL Passthrough


Long time lurker, first time poster here.  Over the last 6 months, I taught myself SQL, and built a SQL Server database that pulled data from Teradata and then compiles and processes that data with data from other sources.  I would then pull that compiled data from SQL Server into Excel using long SQL strings (20+ pages of code) that would allow for complex analytics.  This work landed me a new role.

In my new role I am attempting to do the same but since all of my data lives in teradata I no longer need to remove it from the system to process it.  As such I have been attempting to do all the analytics in teradata and extract it straight to excel as I have done in the past from SQL Server.  

Writing the code to support the analytics has not been an issue.  My issue is that I want to use the ODBC connector of excel to connect to teradata and extract this data using the SQL Script I write in SQL Assistant.

What I have found is that for single statement SQL queries, this is not an issue.  However, for multistatemetn sql queries, I am entirely unable to get these to run inside of excel.  

Attempted Solutions:

1)I have found articles about ANSI vs Teradata mode in the ODBC connector and neither seems to help the problem.

2) I have looked into implicit and explicit commits and tried that and no go.

3) I have tried to create a stored procedure to get around this restriction and received error messages that would make it seem I do not have access (my idea was to just call a complex query instead of trying to upload it in multiple statements).

4) I have tried to set the sql statement as a text script and to execute the text script, also to no avail.

As such I have to ask, is this possible?  Am I just inexperienced with Teradata and am overlooking the obvious?  Is it possible at all to pass through a multistatement SQL string from excel and get teradata to process the data and spit it back?

Any help at all would be so greatly appreciated.