Import in UTF-8 from Teradata to Pentaho

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Import in UTF-8 from Teradata to Pentaho

Hi, guys!

I have been breaking my mind the whole day trying to do the following thing.

My native language is Spanish and I need to import some words which have accents. I got to upload those words properly in Teradata setting the upload to UTF8.

But then, when I execute an export query ussing SET SESSION CHARSET UTF-8, the results are exported in ANSI, as I see using Notepad++ & Encoding. 

I already changed the language setting in the .sh and .bat files of Pentaho, but I think my problem is that I am not being able to bring the data in UTF-8 format. Is there anyway to export in UTF-8 format? 

Furthermore, I tried to execute an SQL Script in Pentaho just to run the SET SESSION CHARSET UTF-8, but It launched an error.

Thanks a lot!