Install Teradata on Linux (Debian)

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Install Teradata on Linux (Debian)

Hi, I'm trying to install Teradata on a Linux machine, which is using a Debian Distribution. How can i setup Teradata on this machine and use BTEQ in order to execute some queries on a TD database?


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Re: Install Teradata on Linux (Debian)

I know this is late but I can try and help other users that had this problem.

We had to install the Teradata client in a docker with a Debian OS and the installer that came with it did not work.

So we had to patch the install file.


sed s/'OS_DISTRIB_ID=.*'/'OS_DISTRIB_ID="Ubuntu"'/g >
echo 'a' | bash


The first command patches the install script to assume that the current system is an Ubunut system which is the closest thing that Teradata tested to a Debian system.

The second command might be helpful in a docker as it automatically installs all modules.

But you could change the menu item (here it is 'a' for All) to choose the install option you need.