Need Teradata JDBC Driver version.

Connectivity covers the mechanisms for connecting to the Teradata Database, including driver connectivity via JDBC or ODBC.

Need Teradata JDBC Driver version.



Looking for Teradata JDBC Driver version or the version after 15.00 and before


The reason for this specific version is, starting from version JDBC methods calling the new metadata columns tables (ColumnsJQV) instead ColumnsV. ColumnsJQV is the new feature table and the QVCI option is disabled as there is bug found on it. The driver i use is by default going to the same views (ColumnsJQV) and i dont have control over it to change it. 




1. Want to check with earlier version. So please provide me the link to download

2. Or if anyone faced the same issue and how they resolved it? Is there any param property settings where we can redirect to old columnsV views.





Teradata Employee

Re: Need Teradata JDBC Driver version.

Latest JDBC patch levels (such as .37 for 15.10) should revert to the old behavior when they discover QVCI is disabled. You may want to contact Teradata support if that is failing.


To obtain specific older versions: If you have a "Teradata At Your Service" account, login to the portal, and click on "Update Your Software".

Either search for TeraJDBC or navigate to the appropriate release of Teradata Client software and pick a Platform (and if given a choice of "Bit" pick 32-bit or i386 - though the JDBC driver is independent of platform or bit-ness).