Need some help with SAS connection via CLIV2


Need some help with SAS connection via CLIV2


We use SAS 9.4 under windows to access our Teradata data warehouse running 14.1. Since the update from Teradata 13 to 14, our SAS connections have been terminating due to TDWM throttle rules. Our data warehouse analysts and a consultant from Teradata have confirmed that the throttle rules have been fixed to delay, not abort queries.  Still the problem persists.  Problem seems to be limited to SAS users connecting via SAS/Access for Teradata using CLIV2; SAS users connecting via ODBC have not been failed due to throttle rules.

Further research has revealed that there is a new yes/no datum in the 14.10 CLIV2 driver called TASM_FastFail_Req and that it is apparently application-based. Hence the ODBC difference from CLIV2, by my reasoning.   I would like to view the settings of my CLIV2 connection to Teradata but I have no idea how to do it from within SAS.  There appear to be some commands one can issue and get a response back from the data warehouse but I'm way out of my depth. For example:

DBCHQE is a query facility that enables you to request system default information from the Teradata Database prior to logging on, thereby allowing you to make changes before starting a session.

Can anyone shed some light on how I can see what the state of TASM_FastFail_Req is when I connect, and how I would go about changing that if I need to?