Net. provider Teradata Database 8017

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Net. provider Teradata Database 8017

Hi all, please, help me. I can not connect in Teradata 13 database from visual studio 2012.\

My code:

  TdConnectionStringBuilder con2 = new TdConnectionStringBuilder();
con2.DataSource = "host";
con2.Password = "pass";
con2.UserId = "user";
con2.Database = "database";

con2.IntegratedSecurity = false;
TdConnection connection = new TdConnection();
connection.ConnectionString = con2.ConnectionString;

I have error: Error 8017 - The UserId, Password or Account is invalid

BUT! I can connet from Teradata SQL Assistant with this user ans passw.

I use Net Data Provider Teradata 14.10.

Please, help!

Teradata Employee

Re: Net. provider Teradata Database 8017

What version of SQL Assistant? Are you using ODBC or "Teradata.NET" in SQL Assistant to connect to the Teradata Database? If you are using "Teradata.NET", then you are using the .NET Data Provider for Teradata to connect to the Teradata Database.

Is there a special character (or characters outside of ASCII range) in your Password or UserId?  If yes, did you save the source-code with UTF8 encoding?  If no, check every character in your C# source code?