.Net provider never listed


.Net provider never listed

I'm not sure this is the correct forum for my question, but I'll give it a try!

After installing the .Net Data Provider for Teradata, I am unable to use it, since I can't see the provider in any list over data providers.

I've installed the .Net provider ver. on a Windows Server 2003, SP2. .Net framework is version 2, SP2.

The installation seems to do it's job, I find all the dll:s in the GAC and everything is in place (according to the .Net Data Provider for Teradata Help, which is also installed).

I find the .Net Data Provider for Teradata in Add/Remove Programs, and when I open the "About" info in Visual Studio 2005, the data provider is listed as an installed product.

However, when I actually want to use the data provider, it doesn't show in the list of data providers. This occurs both in NQuery and in BIDS, when trying to create a new data source in an analysis services project.

I've tried restarting the machine, uninstall and install again, setting the trust level for the C:\Program Files\Teradata\NET Data Provider for Teradata\13.10.00\bin\Teradata.Client.Provider.dll to Full, and I have installed the provider both with and without Publisher Policy (no previous versions of the data provider are installed...), but the result remains the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Regards, Anna
Teradata Employee

Re: .Net provider never listed

NQuery invokes DbProviderFactories to get a list of installed Data Providers.
DbProviderFactories reads the system.data section in Machine.Config file; it should have an entry for the .NET Data Provider for Teradata similar to

description=".NET Framework Data Provider for Teradata" type="Teradata.Client.Provider.TdFactory, Teradata.Client.Provider, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=76b417ee2e04956c" />

The .NET Data Provider for Teradata installation usually updates Machine.Config files (32-bit and 64-bit). However I am guessing in your case it failed to update the Machine.Config files (32-bit and 64-bit).

You can use InstallUtil.exe to update the Machine.Config; see my blog



Re: .Net provider never listed

Thank you!

Surely enough, the Teredata provider was missing in the DbProviderFactories section. I manually added the XML element, switching the version information to (which is the version I have installed), and after closing and re-opening BIDS, I can see the data provider listed and have verified that I can create a data source (as well as a data source view) using it.

Actually, I checked the Modified date on the machine.config and the file was modified during the installation. Since I didn't know what exact modification I was looking for, I was unable to verify that everything was in order. Obviously, it wasn't.