ODBC driver - System Reboot


ODBC driver - System Reboot

Hello, I want to install the Teradata ODBC driver version

I know the dependencies that need to be installed prior to ODBC driver.

I want to know which system (any system) would ask for a reboot after installation and how do I determine whether the system will reboot or not?

I am asking this because I have seen some cases where the system asks for a reboot and some cases when no reboot is asked/required.


Re: ODBC driver - System Reboot

The TeraGSS and tdicu are 'required' prior to installing the new odbc driver. MDAC is also required if it isn't already there, for example, WinXP.

Along similar vein (hate starting new threads unless really necessary), I have a question as well. I need to roll out ODBC update to many users, but would like to make it as painless as possible. This was OK in earlier iterations of the driver, but now there's the TeraGSS and tdicu requirements. They are bundled with the ODBC package, but do NOT get automatically installed. Is there a way to 'silently' install all 3?