ODBC error (64bit)


ODBC error (64bit)

Hoping someone can help with this issue as I have spent way too long trying to troubleshoot on my own.

I have the latest version of Teradata Studio(15.11) and I am running Windows7(64bit).

When I launch the "64-bit" ODBC Administrator" then I click on "Add" to try and add a TeraData connection I receive the following error: "The setup routines for the Teradata ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 193" (site is not allowing me to upload image :( ). I have tried searching but no luck.

When I try re-installing the ODBC driver for Teradata I receive a message stating "A compatible version of Teradata GSS Client is not installed. ODBC Driver for Teradata requires Teradata GSS Client nt-x8664 15.10. Do you want to continue with the installation" I have tried several things with this and still not luck. I have uninstalled all GSS clients and reinstalled all with the the correct order and nothing helps. I even click on "yes" to continue but still no luck.

I would also point out that the information within the "Create new data source" window it shows "not marked" for "VERSION" and "COMPANY" (site is not allowing me to upload image :() as well as the data is not populated for "DATE".

When I click on "finish" to create a new connection for Teradata this is when I receive the error mention above.

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Re: ODBC error (64bit)

Teradata Studio doesn't use ODBC.

If you need ODBC for some other application, you probably need to clean up a previous failed install.

Within the TTU distribution there is an "uninstall" script with documentation on how to use it.

After the uninstall completes, reboot. Then reinstall.

Re: ODBC error (64bit)

Thanks Fred for the recommendation. I ran the uninstall script...rebooted....intalled in the correct order. Now when I look in the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" for "Teradata" I now see "Version", "Company" and "Date". however when I click on Teradata to setup an ODBC it gives me the following error "Unknown error occured in terasso library". Would also mention that it still tells me "A compatible version of Teradata GSS Client is not installed. ODBC Driver for Teradata requires Teradata GSS Client nt-x8664 15.10. Do you want to continue with the installation". Even though I have verified I have the correct version already installed. I did choose yes but again I have this new error with "terasso". Hoping you can help.

Re: ODBC error (64bit)

Still hoping someone can provide some guidance here. This error is killing me :(


Re: ODBC error (64bit)


maybe your problem is solved ?

I got an error about 'terasso' using Excel 2016 and ODBC connection to Teradata database after installation of Office365:

the reason was an old version of msvcr.dll packed with Office365,

solved with a copy of « msvcr110.dll » in C:\WINDOWS\sysWOW64 to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16,

no need to re-install TTU/ODBC.


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Re: ODBC error (64bit)

You can only install TTU 15.00 or TTU 15.10 as a suite, not individually.

Run the "ttulistproducts.exe" to list all the TTU installed. If you got mixture

of TTU, please un-install all of them via the Control Panel and re-install

TTU 15.10.10 suite/bundle. If you only need the TD ODBC Driver, it

will be pre-selected for you and the dependency packages (tdicu and

TeraGSS) will be installed first before installing tdodbc.

Re: Error message:

I suspect you still have previous TTU installed in your PC which is why when

you install the TTU 15.10, it complaints about it. TTU 15.10.10 suite is not

compatible with TTU 15.10.00.xx or with any earlier TTU releases.

I hope this helps.