ODBC parmeter help


ODBC parmeter help

Does anyone know where I might find help for ALL the Input paramameters in the ODCB setup for Windows? The User help file I found for ODBC on the Teradata Support site just says "make editing changes". But doesn't say anything in detail about the different parameters, and there's a lot of them!
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Re: ODBC parmeter help

Did you try the online help? each dialog box has a "Help" button which displays the online help for each dialog-box. At this point, you must click on each field to see a tooltip-like-window.

Also, you can download the "ODBC Driver for Teradata User Guide" from www.Info.teradata.com; search for "Publication Product ID" "B035-2509-088A". You will find additional documentation like:

Return Output Parameters As ResultSet:

Default = Cleared
Determines how stored procedure output parameters are
retrieved by ODBC Driver for Teradata

When OutputAsResultSet is selected–the values of INOUT and
OUT parameters are returned the same way as result set. They need
to be retrieved from the response by using SQLFetch API call, or by
using the SQLBindCol ODBC SDK API followed by SQLFetch API

When OutputAsResultSet is cleared–the values of INOUT and OUT
parameters are directly updated after the procedure call. Because of
this, all parameter markers need to be bound to a variable before the
procedure call.