OLEDB Connection issue


OLEDB Connection issue

We are using OLEDB version to connect to Teradata using a .NET 1.1 web application. Basically this application fires a query which produces a result in 2 seconds, format it and display on a farpoint grid control.
It was observed that the performance of the application was poor and an indepth analysis showed that the first connection through OLEDB to Teradata took about 40-50 seconds. Is this a problem to be researched at the server where the OLEDB driver is installed or could this be a database issue? Or are there any compatibility issues between .NET 1.1 and OLEDB

We are using the following connection string.

value="Provider=TDOLEDB;data source=DSNNAME;User Id=xxxx;Password=yyyy;Extended Properties="NumberOfCOPs=0;";"/

We tried to use the same application using a ODBC connection and the connection time to Teradata was less than a second but the query execution time increased marginally by a couple of seconds. Could someone provide any idea as to why this might be happening?
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Re: OLEDB Connection issue

That's a fairly old version. TDOLEDB 1.2 was part of TTU7.1 (released in 2003). And patch level in particular was compiled with a pre-release version of TeraGSS. You don't say what version of ODBC you're comparing against.

I'd suggest you install a newer driver; remember that newer versions will also require compatible TDICU and TeraGSS. In particular, make sure you have a version of TeraGSS that includes the performance fix for encrypted logons (DR101738), e.g. TeraGSS or later with TDOLEDB 1.3 or TeraGSS or later with TDOLEDB 1.4.

Re: OLEDB Connection issue

I am using a ODBC driver version
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Re: OLEDB Connection issue

Hmm... ODBC had bad performance with encrypted logons also. Are you perhaps connecting to an old DBMS release, or a newer release with AllowDeprecatedLogons flag set?

In any case, I suspect updating to a newer driver and supporting components will solve your issue.

Re: OLEDB Connection issue

We are also having some issues with OLEDB. Our environment is Net 2.0, Visual Studio 2005 and Teradata OLEDB, we have also attempted to use the NET data provider

With the OLEDB release with VS2005 we do not see the (Views) for a connection and the (Stored Procedures) show no SP's even though there are SP's. Our baseline control is to use the generic OLEDB provider in VS2005 with Teradata ODBC DSN which works fine with (Views) and (SP's). However we have seen initial conncetion times of 20+ seconds which we initially thought might be network related.

The NET provider is giving us a BadMoveMode(387) error from the CLIV2. Also the NET provider does not appear in the VS2005 list of providers when trying to define a connection using the wizard.

Current configuration is

In a recent post we have seen that a GSS ver is recommended. We have not been able to locate that update.

Anyone using OLEDB with VS2005? Anyone using NET DP with VS2005? What combination and version of components are being used?

Thank you

Re: OLEDB Connection issue

Check out the compatibility chart @ the link - http://www.teradata.com/t/pdf.aspx?a=83673&b=126885

This gives the version of the servers and the corresponding version of OLEDB.

We used TTU8.1 components and started getting a better response.

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Thank you for the Teradata link.

We also are using TTU 8.1 components. The last set of working components were TTU7.1 we switched over to TUU 8.1 on another recommendation that it might resolve some issues.

Both the OLEDB and Net-DP providers have some issues with them.

I suspect it has something to do with the GSS and ICU components.

If I discover anything I will post it.

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Re: OLEDB Connection issue

TeraGSS improves the performance for the very first logon within a process.

I suggest using with the .NET Data Provider for Teradata.


Re: OLEDB Connection issue


I have seen a few other posts about using GSS Took a quick tour through the Teradata Downloads and was not able to find that specific version.

Is it embedded in some other download?

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Re: OLEDB Connection issue

No, not to my knowledge.
Please Contact Teradata Global Support Center.