PowerCenter Express ODBC connection to local VM

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PowerCenter Express ODBC connection to local VM

Hi, I've installed PowerCenter Express and I'm trying to create a connection in the Adminstrator but I'm getting an error.  I'll try to attach the screen shots of the ODBC set up screen and the error message.  I think I just need to set up the ODBC connection string but I've never set one up like this before.  I've got an ODBC configured for use with SQLA called LocTD151, and I've also set up my hosts file to use a hostname of LocTD151.  Any help very gratefully received!

Regards, Jim.

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Re: PowerCenter Express ODBC connection to local VM

 Ok, I can't work out how to include pictures in these posts, so here's the ODBC connection string I'm trying:

Provider=Teradata;DBCName=LocTD151;Database=dbc;Uid=dbc; Pwd=dbc;

and here's the error text

[REL_10611] Error returned during ODBC access. ErrorCode=[-1]. Reason=[[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Invalid string or buffer length].

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Re: PowerCenter Express ODBC connection to local VM


I was facing the same problem but managed to solve by doing the following:

1) Instead of set up a ODBC connection try to set up a JDBC connection, you need to download the drives tdgssconfig.jar and

2) Copy them in the folds C:\Informatica\PCExpress\externaljdbcjars and C:\Informatica\PCExpress\client\externaljdbcjars.

3) Restart your PCExpresse server;

4) Configure a JDBC connection:

user name: dbc

password: dbc

Class Name Driver JDBC: com.ncr.teradata.TeraDriver

Connection String: jdbc:teradata://<IP your Teradata Server>/database=dbc,tmode=ANSI,charset=UTF8

It has worked for me.


Carlos Henrique