Queries stop running when laptop is undocked

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Queries stop running when laptop is undocked

I'm new to Teradata and we have installed it on a few Windows 10 laptops.

When the user undocks their laptop to go to a meeting, the queries stop running and Teradata freezes.


I thinking its because they are terminating the network connection and wireless has not connected yet.


Are queries supposed to keep running or is that expected operation when the network connection is lost?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Queries stop running when laptop is undocked

Hi Mike,


Assuming that when you say "Teradata is installed on laptops" you mean the client tools (SQLA or TDStudio) then that is what is going to happen.

Striclty speaking if a query is running when th euser undocks then it will probably keep running bcause this work is on the dbms, not the user's pc. When the query finishes and the DBMS wants to send return code and/or result sback to th euser then it will realise that the client is no longer there.

Also, I'm guessing that your site uses DHCP so (presumably) when the user undocks and the laptop switches to wifi the laptop will get a different IP address? If that is so then as far as the DB<S is concerned this is a different client system, which will require a different session to be connected.

You also mentioned that 'Teradata freezes'. Again I'm assuming this is a client tool that you're referring to. I'm not sure that should happen but you'd need to talk to the support folks about that.




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