Retrieving TimeZone from TimeStamp

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Retrieving TimeZone from TimeStamp

I am using Teradata JDBC Driver (

I have created a column for a table with data type TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE ( It has the time with HH:MM:SS(upto 6 digits) + Timezone

When I fetch the resulset through JDBC I am missing the precision of seconds and also the timezone.

I have tried with rs.getObject(),rs.getTimeStamp() but still I am not able retrieve the exact TIMSTAMP WITH TIMEZONE

Data in table:2015-07-23 14:05:01.073000+00:00

 Expected :2015-07-23 14:05:01.073000+00:00

 ActualResut :002015-07-23 14:05:01.073

Could someone help me in getting the exact column as it is from the Database?

Teradata Employee

Re: Retrieving TimeZone from TimeStamp

The Teradata JDBC Driver User Guide has a very detailed section on working with Timestamps and Time Zones. In particular, please read the subsection titled "Receiving DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP Values".

To summarize, you need to call the getTimestamp method with a Calendar argument. The Teradata JDBC Driver will set the Calendar argument's TimeZone object to the value of the Timestamp's time zone.