SQLPrepare error when NoScan enabled


SQLPrepare error when NoScan enabled

Hi guys.

I have some troubles with ODBC driver. I'm facing error HY092 Invalid attribute when try to run SQLPrepare function.

My connection sting to Teradata: DRIVER={Teradata};DBCName=192.***;uid="dbc";pwd=********;QUIETMODE=YES;LoginTimeout=210;UseNativeLOBSupport=Yes;NoScan=Yes;

The statement which cause the error: "INSERT INTO "AUTOTEST"."D2TD_MERGE_CHARS" (S_BIGINT,S_CHAR,S_VARCHAR,S_LONG_VARCHAR) VALUES  (?            ,?             ,?              ,?               )"

When I remove NoScan flag everything is OK.

So can SQLPrepare fucntion work with NoScan flag? Maybe I need to add something into connection string?

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