Support for Named Parameters in .NET Provider


Support for Named Parameters in .NET Provider


I am new to Teradata and I am having to port some dynamically built queries that currently run against Oracle over to Teradata.

The current queries use named bind variables in the SQL with the colon syntax, for example :startDate

This is very useful because the :startDate bind variable is used several times in the final SQL statement (in some sub-queries).

So, I only need to create one OracleParameter for startDate.

From reading the Teradata .NET provider documentation it looks like named parameters are currently not supported and positional parameters using the '?' syntax are the only option.

In this case, I will need several TdParameter objects.

Are named bind variables /parameters likely to be supported anytime soon?

I do have a workaround I can implement but I thought I would ask!

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Re: Support for Named Parameters in .NET Provider

The Teradata Database does not support Named Parameters. The Teradata Database supports a USING clause which is similar to the Named Paramters but not identical; the USING clause does not work well with the open access products (i.e. ADO.NET, ODBC ...) because the orginal SQL Text must modified.

It will not be supported anytime soon.