Supported Datatypes in Fastload JDBC


Supported Datatypes in Fastload JDBC


Does anyone knows which datatypes does the Fasload JDBC supports? For example this Fastload JDBC documentation says: Not all of the JDBC data types supported by the Teradata JDBC Driver are supported by JDBC FastLoad; for example, BLOB and CLOB are not supported. I want to have the list of all supported Fastload JDBC datatypes.

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Re: Supported Datatypes in Fastload JDBC

As time goes by, we add support for new data types to JDBC FastLoad, so the data types supported by JDBC FastLoad varies by Teradata JDBC Driver version.


For which Teradata JDBC Driver version are you looking for this information?


Also, you can specify the LOG=INFO connection parameter, perform your batch insert operation, and the Teradata JDBC Driver will log a message indicating whether JDBC FastLoad was used, or whether the standard SQL batch insert operation was performed. The logged message will indicate the reason why the insert operation was disqualified for JDBC FastLoad, such as due to an unsupported data type.