TPT GUI Mode connection issue with Oracle database

Connectivity covers the mechanisms for connecting to the Teradata Database, including driver connectivity via JDBC or ODBC.
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TPT GUI Mode connection issue with Oracle database

Hi every one,

One of our scenario is we need to pull data from oracle to teradata database. We are using TPT Wizard (TD server is and installed java version "1.8.0_144" of 32 bit. While logging in to oracle database it throwing an error "There was an error initializing the driver for usage.
The class oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver was not found.
The environment variable ORACLE_HOME might not be set up properly."
Even we have initialized TNS services properly at oracle database.
Can any one kindly suggest how can we resolve this issue.
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Re: TPT GUI Mode connection issue with Oracle database



I don't think this is a problem on your Oracle dbms server, this sounds like a client system problem. Do you have an environment variable ORACLE_HOME defined? Does that path contain the required class file (if you can tell).


Do you have another java based program running on the same client that can access your Oracle system? That would at least show that the Oracle client software is installed correctly.





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