TPT_INFRA: TPT01144: Error


TPT_INFRA: TPT01144: Error

Hi All,


As part of our Batch process frquently getting this error and failing jobs?Can you please some one advise the root cause and solution for issue?

TPT_INFRA: TPT01144: Error: Failed to Read message from the pipe, System errno: 804387184 (Error 804387184 occurred.)
TPT_INFRA: TPT02069: Error: Plan Executor task failed to join the startup group: status 538707585
Teradata Parallel Transporter Failed




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Re: TPT_INFRA: TPT01144: Error

without sharing the tpt scripts etc. it will be just blind guessing.

Failed to Read message from the pipe - is indicating issues with the pipe you read from or write to.

Working with pipes can be tricky if consumption of the the pipe data is not as fast as the writing...