TPT ODBC Connection to Oracle

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TPT ODBC Connection to Oracle

I am trying to use TPT to move a table from Oracle 10g to Teradata 12 using the ODBC operator with Oracle ODBC driver When I execute the script with tbuild, I get

EMAIL_SRC_CD_LK_ODBC: connecting sessions
**** 12:38:34 Fatal error received from ODBC driver:
MSG='[Oracle][ODBC]Driver not capable.'
= =
= ODBC Driver Information =
= =
ODBC version = '03.52.0000'
DBMS name = 'Oracle'
DBMS version = '10.02.0040'
Driver name = 'SQORA32.DLL'
Driver version = '10.02.0003'
Driver ODBC version = '03.52'

Then the SQL is sent to Oracle:

EMAIL_SRC_CD_LK_ODBC: sending SELECT request
**** 14:50:17 Finished receiving rows from the data source
EMAIL_SRC_CD_LK_ODBC: data retrieval complete

The rows are exported and then the Application Phase puts them into the ET:

EMAIL_SRC_CD_LK_LOAD: entering Application Phase
**** 14:50:26 Application Phase Begin

Statistics for Target Table: 'DB1.MDB_EMAIL_SOURCE_CD_LKUP'
Total Rows Sent To RDBMS: 54
Total Rows Applied: 0
Total Possible Duplicate Rows: 54

**** 14:50:44 Application Phase End
= =
= Load Operator Task Cleanup =
= =

Number of rows Error Table Name
============== ===============================================

Any ideas where the problem exists?


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Hi , I am facing the same issue 'ODBC Driver not capable '. any suggestions?. Thanks.

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No much information, so just a shot in the dark:

Oracle ODBC code S1C00 => Optional feature not implemented.

The driver is trying to do conversion, but it can't.

Check for conversion issues (especially dates, timestamps, etc...).



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Re: TPT ODBC Connection to Oracle

I believe that you need to use the Data Direct ODBC driver. The Oracle ODBC driver is not supported. Unfortunately the Data Direct driver is not free...

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I tried with Oracle's odbc(oracle in Oracle home) driver instead of Microsoft ODBC for oracle. its working fine. thanks.

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we have new unix server and TPT is installed, our requirment is to read data from Oracle database into Teradata table, the problem is our Admin is saying native oracle drivers are installed and if type sqlplus it is working fine, but i am not able to find out odbc ini file. to put my loging credientials and also i need to define DNS name in TPT. can some one please tell me wht should i ask to dba. to develop TPT jobs.

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Native oracle drivers we can't use directly in TPT. You have to install the third party ODBC oracle drivers (oracle DataDirect drivers) so that you can add the odbc entries in odbc.ini file.

Another option is..
1. Connect to the oracle using sqlplus and redirect the sql output to flat file.
2.Use dataconnector operator.