Teradata Connectivity Error


Teradata Connectivity Error

i am trying to connect teradata db using python script.i am getting the below mention error can any one help me to solve this issue:



import teradata

udaExec = teradata.UdaExec (appName="checkfor", version="1.0", logConsole=False)

session = udaExec.connect(method="odbc", dsn="dsn", username="username", password="pass",driver="Teradata");



DatabaseError: [HY000] [Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Loading the Teradata ICU Library Failed. Error is: 126, The driver returned invalid (or failed to return) SQL_DRIVER_ODBC_VER: 03.80

Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata Connectivity Error

This generally means that you have not properly installed the Teradata ODBC driver and its prerequisites (TDICU and maybe TeraGSS).

Which version of the driver are you trying to use? Did you follow all the steps in the ReadMe / installation guide?

Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata Connectivity Error

Fred is correct.

You are missing the tdicu libraries. ODBC Driver requires tdicu and TeraGSS from the same release.

Run "ttulistproducts_linux.sh" or "rpm -qa | grep tdicu" or "rpm -qa |grep -i TeraGSS" from Linux.