Teradata - Informatica - Linux - tbuild -V not found

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Teradata - Informatica - Linux - tbuild -V not found

Hi All,

My name is Srinath I have installed TTU 13.10 in linux Server . For the first time of installation it was successful but we had few issues so had to uninstall or remove the TTU and TPT and install in different path. 

When I first Installed it was successful .I cross checked with all the commands (BTEQ,FAST EXPORT, tbuild -V etc) every thing was successful but when I installed in new mount point(/opt/teradata ) after removing all the directories and all the files it was successful I was able to test it with BTEQ,FASTEXPORT and other commands except 

tbuild -V .  

When I say this it says /usr/localcw/bin/eksh:not found [No Such file or Directory]. 

Can any one help me . 1. What this tbuild does ? why are the rest of commands successful  ? what happens if this is not resolved?  How do I resolve