Teradata - MicroStrategy v9.4.1 Connectivity Issue

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Teradata - MicroStrategy v9.4.1 Connectivity Issue


We want to connect MicroStrategy and Teradata on a Red Hat (64-bit v6 Santiago) Linux machine but we are facing architecture version issue while doing so.

According to MicroStrategy, only 32-bit ODBC Teradata drivers are supported by MicroStrategy.

We have downloaded the Teradata drivers (v13.10.00.11) from the following link:


After installing the drivers following components were installed in the machine:

1. tdicu-

2. TeraGSS_redhatlinux-i386-

3. TeraGSS_suselinux-x8664-

4. tdodbc-

But after trying to connect to Teradata using the MicroStrategy Test tool, it gives the following error:

Connect failed.

Error type: Odbc error. Odbc operation attempted: SQLDriverConnect. [81:0: on HDBC] 523 80

We have consulted the MicroStrategy team, they are of the opinion that some components of ODBC drivers are 64-bit, Thus, the issue.


Please let us know an appropriate link for only 32-bit version of ODBC drivers.

Note: We have used the steps mentioned in the following link to install the drivers: 


Thanks in advance.