Teradata ODBC Install Error


Teradata ODBC Install Error

I attempted to install a Teradata DB on my new work desktop today and it seemed like everything went well. Except that the Teradata ODBC driver was not recognized.

I have tried to uninstall as well as perform a cleanup. Twice. And yet, when trying to install, it says that a Teradata ODBC driver is already installed. But the wizard fails instantly, saying that the install was interrupted and that no changes to the system has been made.

I'm running Windows XP, attempting to install Teradata 12, with the driver.

The only solution I haven't tried thus far is editing the registry, which I don't want to do unless I know exactly which entries to delete/change. I've even tried deleting the .dlls (tdata.dll, tdatas.dll, and teraasso.dll) and the same error occurs.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Re: Teradata ODBC Install Error

I don't know what to delete in registry, but you should use a newer ODBC driver (13.10 is available), they're backwards compatible.



Re: Teradata ODBC Install Error

Awesome. I didn't know if just trying another install would work, since I'd tried that a few times already. But it looks like everything is all cleared up.

Thanks a bunch.