Teradata ODBC OS_BadLock exception


Teradata ODBC OS_BadLock exception

Does anyone know why this error might occur? There is no information online with regards to this specific error. We running a process with uses BulkCopy to select from several Teradata tables and move the data to SQL Server. The error is reported by the driver.  There is a SELECT statement the script, but no locking modifier (could that be it?). This occurs randomly it seems and once we rerun the process all failed.


ERROR [HY000] [Teradata][ODBC] (10001) General error: Teradata ODBC Driver OS_BadLock exception


We're using th 16.20 driver. We've not experienced these issues with the 15.x drivers (not sure about 16.10).


Thank you.


BTW: We also stream data from SQL Server and several other system to Teradata using TPT. ;)

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Re: Teradata ODBC OS_BadLock exception

The fix will be included in the next roll-up in Aug 2019.