Teradata ODBC & Oracle BI - issues


Teradata ODBC & Oracle BI - issues

I have installed the Teradata ODBC on the server (solaris) and have added the Teradata paths to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and specified the ODBCINI parm within the .profile for the id used by the BI Servers.
Added the ODBC info into the file.
Tested ODBC using Teradata's adhoc program, works like a charm.

Recycled SA & SAW, attempted to access Teradata tables (update row count) and get the following:

NQODBCSQL_STATE: HY000nQSError: 10058 A general error has occurred.
nQSError: 43093 An error occurred while processing the EXECUTE PHYSICAL statement
nQSError: 16023 The ODBC function has returned an error. The database may not be available, or the network may be down.

I'm not familiar with BI but was told it is in 64bit mode.
We have tried with both the 64bit and 32bit Teradata Drivers with same errors.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Teradata ODBC & Oracle BI - issues

Any updates to this? I have encountered the same