Teradata ODBC setup


Teradata ODBC setup

I configured the System DSN ODBC driver to load Default Database: and it still loads DBs I don't want to see in SQL Assistant. I created a User DSN ODBC and configured to load Default Database: and this works in SQL Assistant but also loads DBC and my userid DB. I'm trying to do this because I want to use Excel or MSAccess ODBC connection but don't want to load the entire System Catalog.

I tried using User DSN ODBC in Excel and MSAccess but everytime they are loading the Entire System Catalog and not filtering to the Default Database:   Can someone help and tell me what Im doing wrong and how I can just load a Default DB and not the entire System Catalog ?

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Setting default database just helps you save few key strokes when tying your SQLs from having to qualify your tables from the default database with the database name. Nothing more.

If you don't want to see any other databases but just default one on your SQLA database explorer tree you can right-click and delete the unwanted ones.

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How do you stop the ODBC from loading the entire system catalog in Excel and Access ? 


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That's certainly a very good question.

I have Excel 2010, from Data -> From Other Sources -> From Microsoft Query ->

  this should bring all the available ODBC DSNs ,

          highlight the required TD ODBC Connection

        and then , at the bottom there's a checkbox 'Use the Query wizard to create/edit queries' uncheck this  and hit OK

after you sign-in it should bring up the 'Add tables' dialog

there's a 'Database' selection drop-down.

once you selected the tables and desinged your query , or using 'SQL' then 

from File -> return data to excel you can return the data to excel 

this will save the connection and the query details in the Excel.


I hope this option helps you to browse tables from just one database at a time.


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I have Excel 2013 and it is not working getting different errors in different environments ...when you say all ODBC DSNs ...are you talking about User DSN or System DSN or File DSN ?. Mine are all System DSN which were installed with Teradata Toos and Utilities 15.10. Do I need to create User or File DSN ?


In DEV...when prompted to signin...error from Microsoft Query Character string truncated, click ok, Microsoft Query shows error Couldn't read this file    

In UAT after signin...runs a few seconds then get error Out of memory, click OK,  Microsoft Query Couldn't read this file

There seems to be some issues with Excel 2013 and Teradata 15 ...talked to one of my support guys and they have a person working on trying to figure out why this is not working 

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"Use X Views" option might help. The ODBC Driver will use X-Views which "contain security constraints in their definition to limit the result set to only the rows associated with the requesting user". i.e. you will  not see Databases, Tables or Views that you do not have access to.