Teradata connectivity using Python Django framework


Teradata connectivity using Python Django framework


I am very new to teradata. Please help me. 

Is it possible to connect to teradata using Django framework.

Our project has to access multiple database (e.g., postgresql, teradata), Django ORM has backend engine to supoort postgresql, however I don't know how to connect Teradata with Django ORM. 

If so, is there any sample application or source code(some kind of tutorial) for reference.


P.S.: I know the SqlAlchemy can also provice ORM function, but I want only one ORM module in my Django web project. 


Many thanks


Stanley Fan


Re: Teradata connectivity using Python Django framework

Not sure what Django does, but I assume that it does understand the database and its specifics. There is a Python package to connect to Teradata, but then you have the connectivity, but no "understanding" of the database:


Teradata Module for Python is a client-side python library that makes it easy to script SQL interactions with the Teradata Database. It implements the standard Python Database API Specification while providing added convenience and DevOps related features on top. Learn how you can get started with