Teradatas ODBC connection


Teradatas ODBC connection

I am running a query in SQL assistant which takes about 4 seconds to finish. It then takes about 3 minutes to spool the data to the screen. I have been told that this is because of the generic ODBC connection we are using. Is this true? If so, has anyone changed any of the settings in the ODBC to speed up the process? Or, have you purchased a 3rd party ODBC that will speed up the connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

running on Teradata SQL assistant 7.2
Teradata Employee

Re: Teradatas ODBC connection

Did you experiment with "Maximum Response Buffer Size"? Set the Buffer Size to 64000; it defaults to 8192.
It will help if the bottleneck is the latency between Workstation and Teradata database.