Terradata JDBC Problem

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Terradata JDBC Problem


I have a problem with a executing a Teradata query Using JDBC. I am able to connect to Terradata. But when I try to execute my query I get, 'table object not found' error. But I am able to execute the same query using the Terradata SQL assistant.

This is the query


Using the JDBC connection I am able to excecute the following query but not the above query.

Select user, database.

I am using Websphere 6.0 JDBC drivers for connecting to Terradata.

Can anyone please help me out?

Re: Terradata JDBC Problem

This is strange!!!. But I would advise that yo change your default database before issueing a query... Before you issue your query SELECT CO_CNTR FROM CM_REIN_RM_DEV_D.RNXCNTRT, first change your database...

database CM_REIN_RM_DEV_D; execute this first and then run your query as is. If that does not work, try without the database name.

SELECT CO_CNTR FROM RNXCNTRT.. I am suspecting that WebSphere AS is appending your default database and that's why your query is failing...

Good luck...