Tools and Utilities- Excel connectivity fails


Tools and Utilities- Excel connectivity fails



I managed to set up a connection between excel and teradata db using the tool and utilites (TTU) and net.provider driver. 

This was working fine up until recently, there has been an update in the company which is now affecting the connection between excel.  Our IT department has reinstalled excel and TTU however the following error message persist. In some case it will be fixed for a week and the revert to fail to recognise the driver installed locally on the machine. ( see image attached for error message)

Any idea why this would happen?

or ideas to make this connection work with excel ..and guidance on setting this up would be appreciated.

I'm loosing hope !...our IT department can't seem to figure it out.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank youdriver issue.PNG

Teradata Employee

Re: Tools and Utilities- Excel connectivity fails

Since it works when freshly installed, it does not seem to be a problem with the client provider itself.

Sounds as if something is automatically being installed / uninstalled that breaks the original setup or provider registration.


Be sure you are installing a recent version of the provider, preferably with the TTU suite installer. Beyond that, you may have to troubleshoot this as more of a Microsoft problem than something Teradata related.