Using SQLA in Batch Mode -- Queston


Using SQLA in Batch Mode -- Queston

The Teradata SQL Assistant for Microsoft Windows Use Guide says: "If you provide -c, -e and either -s or -f parameters, Teradata SQL Assistant effectively runs as a batch job. It executes the query, writes any output to the export file, then terminates."


I'm trying to get SQLA to run in a complete batch mode and need this behavior, yet when I submit a command like:


sqla -pTd -cdix-t-seratd-01\sys_dba\xxxxxxx -f c:\temp\test_sql.sql   -e c:\temp\test_sql.log


Sql Assistant starts up, logs in, loads the sql file into a window, but then just sits there without executing the query. 


I'm running version of SQL Assistant.


Can anyone offer any clues as to what needs to be done to get SQL Assistant to behave as the manual indicates?



Teradata Employee

Re: Using SQLA in Batch Mode -- Queston

A few possible issues.

1. There should be a space between each switch and its data.

    e.g.    -p Td       rather than -pTd

2. You might want to try absolute file names rather than relative names.
    (I dont remember where they would be relative to ... so absolute is safer.)

3. If file names or SQL contains spaces, or other special characters, enclose the switch data in double quotes.

4. If you use a server name rather than a data source name it will use the user as the default database. (so may require qualified names to be used.)