VB.NET DataAdapter Configuration Wizard Problem


VB.NET DataAdapter Configuration Wizard Problem

I have a screen with a dataGrid.
I dropped tdDataAdapter1 onto the design screen and configured it to generate a connection tdConnection1 and a dataSet 'DataSet1'. I chose the option to generate the insert/update/delete statements via a select statement...

SELECT ThresholdType, ThresholdValue, Threshold_Flag, Actual, Fail, Category, ID1
FROM DEV_DATA_V.MISRE_Threshold -- This is an updateable view which i have access to.

....but the last screen in the wizard states that it 'Generated the Select Statement and generated table mappings'. Why did it not create the insert/update/delete statements? Did I do something wrong?

I can populate and look at the dataset in the grid after i fill it but cannot do any updates.

Can someone advise?

ps: the table has a primary key and unique rows are easily identified.

Re: VB.NET DataAdapter Configuration Wizard Problem

pls ignore, fixed. it was a view and the PK was not visible to the view, changed to underlying table.