VB6 ADO Teradata Provider issue


VB6 ADO Teradata Provider issue

Dear all

I know, I know - I probably sound like I just stepped out of a Rip van Winkel fairytale 100 year sleep, but this is just how things are right now...B-)

I am using VB6 (still!! but for good reasons...) and we need to extract a few rows from a Teradata DB and Server.
My questions arise from the fact that not all users we support have the TTU installed on their PCs.

Q1) - Is it at all possible to use ADO in VB6 to extract data from Teradata WITHOUT having to install TTU? Can I not just copy the DLL files and register them with a Script like when we register controls and DLLs in the usual way?
The reason for this question is that most users in our company do not have permissions to install software on their own PCs. All Local Admin rights have been revoked.

Q2) If it is possible to use the Teradata Driver then please tell me which DLLs I need to register?

We would prefer NOT to have to install TTU on each client PC as there are thousands and they constantly change.
We would also prefer not to use ODBC DSN connections. Its just too difficult to manage.

Many thanks

Re: VB6 ADO Teradata Provider issue

Workaround found:

Install TD13 ICU Client - followed by

GSS client

followed by TD13 OLEDB client...

This did the trick!