auto provisioing in teradata 15.10


auto provisioing in teradata 15.10


I am looking for some info on auto provisioning in teradata. The viewpoint autoprovisioning works fine.

But i am more interested at the database level.

As far as i know for LDAP (Externally authenticated user), if the user do not exist in dbc.users and if auto provisioning (dbs control parameter 81) is on then teradata should create that user.

I did turn on the dbscontrol parameter, but still getting "Failure 8017".

If the user(LDAP) exists in dbc.users (dbc.logonRules.nullPassword=True), i dont get any error.

I want teradata to create the user when it dont exists. There is something about "policy principal" to be associated with the role or something. But dont know how and the security admin manual dont have much info in it.


Please advise.




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Re: auto provisioing in teradata 15.10

In short, if you want to auto-provision you must associate both a database profile and at least one external role with the directory user (principal).

The details are covered in the sections on "Directory Authentication and Authorization".