bteq .logon error


bteq .logon error

Hey all,

having an issue with connecting to the teradata 13 server with bteq

if i do this


.LOGON localhost/dbc,dbc

*** Error: Invalid Logon!

but if it try this



UserId: dbc

Password: dbc

*** Logon Sucessfully complete

Thought it might have something to do with my /etc/hosts files. but i compared to our 13.10 release (I can logon just fine there too) and they are the similar. Also, I can connect just fine using Teradata Studio, using host:localhost User:dbc Pass:dbc

ie localhost dbccop1

Any thoughts?

Thanks ahead of time for any help and or assistance

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Re: bteq .logon error

The default system name is "dbc".

The old way for name resolution was to add COPx to the system name (e.g. localhost -> localhostCOP1).

ODBC/.NET/JDBC additionally try to resolve the system name without expansion, i can't remember when this was added to CLI.

You probably use different versions of BTEQ/CLI, 13 vs. 13.10.

There are some articles on similar topics:



Re: bteq .logon error

Thanks Dieter.

I was just trying to run some insert statements as a script from bteq.

ie $>bteq < /tmp/script


.logon localhost/dbc,dbc

database test;

insert table (...) values (...);

<200k insert statements of spatial data>



instead of was able to manually log in and still run



<prompt for user>dbc

<prompt for pass>dbc

database test;

.run file=/tmp/inserts.sql

so still scripted some what, but not fully.

Thanks for your links, was not able to figure out how to fully automate the scripts like i was in 13.10


Re: bteq .logon error

in bteq,

i entered


userid: dbc

password: dbc

but its getting stuck

can any one tell me the fix for it