jdbc error with two {escape '\'}


jdbc error with two {escape '\'}


I have SQL query which contains {escape '\'} function.
If I use only one {escape '\'} function all works fine and ResultSet is returned.

But if I insert two or more {escape '\'} JDBC driver throws exception:
java.sql.SQLException: [NCR][Teradata JDBC Driver]:Invalid parameter number: 3
at com.ncr.teradata.StatementParameters.verify(StatementParameters.java:493)
at com.ncr.teradata.TeraPreparedStatement.setInt(TeraPreparedStatement.java:354)

(This is PreparedStatement with 3 parameters and only 3 values was set.)

I tried to run this query via SQL Assistant and query was execute without any problems.

Is it problem with JDBC driver ?
Can anybody help me?