tdoledb not registered error


tdoledb not registered error

I have a simple webpage where I'm using a simple select statement to populate a gridview. On my local machine, the web page works. On the test server the web page throws the following error "The TDOLEDB provider is not registered on the local machine.

I've installed the libraries and the gss tools before installing the oledb driver. I've tested the driver via the tdoledb_tst.udl tool and it works. I checked the registry to make sure tdoledb exits and it does.

I belong to the local admin group, changed the authentication method from anonymous access via the iusr_ to integrated windows authentication, to test whether the permissions of the NCR directory needs to be changed. I got the same error, regardless.

Has anyone run into a similar issue. Is there something else I need to install?


Re: tdoledb not registered error

This has been "resolved". Incase anyone one else is having trouble, this is what I did...

Used process monitor and found the IIS application pool process was looking for some files in the directory ..."Teradata Client\OLE DB Provider for Teradata" that are actually located in "Common Files\Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata\lib". I copied those over to the client\ole db directory and the web pages are able to make a connection to TD.

If there is a better or more stable solution out there. Please, send it my way.

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Re: tdoledb not registered error

Did you restart IIS?

I think installation modifies the path to point to "Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata\lib". IIS must be restarted to pickup the new path.

Re: tdoledb not registered error

Hi.... Many years later... I'm having same problem.


downloaded Oledb provider ""

Installer claims it doesn't found prerequisites:


             - Shared ICU Libraries for Teradata 15.00
             - Teradata GSS Client 15.00


But they are isntaled, throught ""

Client machine is Win x64, pwrhaps thats a problem?





Re: tdoledb not registered error

I suspect it has to do with the fact that development has ceased on the TDOLEDB provider at TD 15.00.00, and even though it's included in the 15.10 package, it's still looking for the 15.00 versions of the supporting software components.  You may try uninstalling the 15.10 TTU and using the 15.00 TTU to fix this..