update error Error 3939


update error Error 3939

Teradata.Client.Provider.tdException: [Teradata Database] [3939] There is a mismatch between the number of parameters specified and the number of parameters required.

My update is generated through the .net 2005 dataAdapter config wizard based upon a select stmt i give to it. The select statement is:

SELECT ThresholdType, ThresholdValue, Threshold_Flag, Actual, Fail, Category FROM DEV_DATA_T.MISRE_Threshold ORDER BY ID1

The wizard generates the update as follows:

SET "ThresholdType" = ?, "ThresholdValue" = ?, "Threshold_Flag" = ?, "Actual" = ?,
"Fail" = ?, "Category" = ?
WHERE (("ThresholdType" = ?) AND ("ThresholdValue" = ?)
AND ((? = 1 AND "Threshold_Flag" IS NULL) OR ("Threshold_Flag" = ?))
AND ("Actual" = ?) AND ("Fail" = ?)
AND ((? = 1 AND "Category" IS NULL) OR ("Category" = ?)))

Any ideas what I or indeed the config wizard am doing wrong?

Is it just me or does the .NET Provider for TeraData not do what it claims it can do!?!

Re: update error Error 3939

Could the problem be that the data Adapter did not create any parameters
collection for the Update command!!!!

How do i go about fixing that?

note: I am migrating this application from VS2003 to VS2005 and from
SQLServer to Teradata.

This worked in the SQLServer architecture and has a parameters collection
for the update.
Could I copy these?

Any recommendations(within reason!) are acceptable at the moment.


Re: update error Error 3939

I have now added the parameters as per the columns of the table used in the select. There is no way to quantify what '?' is in the update command so I can only include these.

Also, I have just noticed the insert command was not generated.
Would this cause an issue?

note: I know that SQLserver does a delete and insert for an update but teradata architecture just does a straight update.