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Bridge tables

Hi Experts,

Is there any limit in the number of bridge tables in a data model.

I am having a scenario where we store accident details in a table. One accident is associated with many behaviour types and 1 behaviour type will affect many people.

its like accident1 --> behaviour1, behaviour2

                               behaviour1 --> person1, person 2

Also like behaviour property, we have 3-4 properties associated with the accident in the same pattern. could you please suggest a model for this?

Also what could be the possible measures for accidents? Any thoughts?




Re: Bridge tables

With limited understanding of scenario, I am thinking of   grouping  behaviours into a behavior group helper table. It has factors.This helper table in turn connects to dimension.

I remember one person, who maintains hierarchy by concatenation but keying of correct data is mandatory :).

Please let me know your views too.

Re: Bridge tables

I am planning to consider behaviour  as a serperate fact table with behaviour at the center and behaviour type and persons as individual dimenstions. Like this i will create seperate fact tables. then at the end will create a accident summary with the number of each of the properties from these fact tables.

So that I can use these individual tables in dash boards to display the details.