what does this do >> td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE

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what does this do >> td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE

HI All, 


I am debugging some code, and come accross the below, could sopmeone please explain what this is actually doing? and why there are many oReplace here? i'd like to simply this staement so any pointers will be great. 


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SUBSTR(td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE(td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE(td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE(UPPER(COALESCE (td_sysfnlib.REGEXP_REPLACE ( td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE (td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE ( REQ.CUST_FRST_NAME , '�' , 'E' ) , '�' , 'ss' ) , '([������])' , '\1e' ), 'Null')), '�', 'O'),'�', 'U'), '�', 'A'),1,5)  


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Re: what does this do >> td_sysfnlib.oREPLACE

Seems to be replacing certain non-ASCII characters ("sharp s", vowels with diacritical marks) with their "latinized" spellings.

If you're asking why use multiple OREPLACE for the single-character replacements instead of, say, OTRANSLATE, you'd have to ask the author.