[2616] Numeric overflow occurred during computation


[2616] Numeric overflow occurred during computation

I've got this error: Teradata execute: 2616: Numeric overflow occurred during computation.
I have read the similar questions on this forum but still can't understand what should I do to resolve the problem.

Below is my situation:
I try to run my query using BTEQ script and the query failed by returning error code "2616: Numeric overflow occurred during computation.".
But the weired part is when i try to rerun my query at the same day (without changing any code),
it able to complete the run without any error.

It happen few times with different businessdate,
but I successful to rerun the query without any doubt after the query failed.

Anyone have met this situation before?
Please advice.


Re: [2616] Numeric overflow occurred during computation

It may be due to the date prefeneces set. Kindly, check the datatypes. Incase of date fields, try to maintain the date format same across the queries if it has unions, or default date formatof the column. 

Incase of number and integer fields try to maintain the same datatype. It may solve the issue.