3712 Insufficient memory for Plastic Steps


3712 Insufficient memory for Plastic Steps

We are in the process of testing our SQL on a new 5500 server running V12 and Linux, we're currently on V2R5 on an MP-RAS server.

During our testing we had a failure with a piece of our batch SQL which works perfectly on both of our existing V2R5 implementations, the SQL failed with the following error :

3712 Insufficient memory for Plastic Steps for this request

The suggested solution is to increase the size of the Steps-SegmentSize field in the DBS Control Record or simplify the SQL.

We've checked the value of the Steps-SegmentSize field on our new servers and the existing ones and they are all set to 1024KB, so maybe it's just changes to the Parser in V12 that have caused this problem to occur.

Can anybody give us some ideas of the Pros and Cons of increasing the size of Steps-SegmentSize ?

Is this a valid option or should we just re-write our SQL ?

We'll probably re-write the SQL anyway but it would be good to know what would be the effects of changing the size of Steps-SegmentSize