3883 error


3883 error

A query failed with 3883 error.

As per Teradata manual:

A GROUP BY constant does not represent the position of a selected expression, or the selected expression represented is itself a constant.

 Generated By: RES modules

 For Whom: End User.

Remedy: Change GROUP BY phrase.

Tried searching in DBC.QryLog , but did not find any entry for the same.

Searched in DBC.DBQLSummary table for the session, but that only shows the query count.

How can I get the get the error log for the above error?

Also where do I check the threshold CPU value for logging into DBC.DBQLogtbl?

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Re: 3883 error

If it's not in QueryLog you have to check the session information to find out who submitted it and try to get more info from this person/aapplication.

dbc.dbqlrulesV holds the info about QryLog rules:

ThresholdFlag: 'T'

TypeOfCriterion: 1 = CPUTime

But you might simply check the submitted BEGIN QUERY LOGGING source (of course you stored that, don't you?)