AIX ODBC TOTerradata

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AIX ODBC TOTerradata

Hello, New here,

I tried uploading the odbc for AIX, but when I tried to install I get pre-req missing; where do i get this from

  MISSING REQUISITES:  The following filesets are required by one or more

  of the selected filesets listed above.  They are not currently installed

  and could not be found on the installation media.

    tdicu1500.tdicu1500                       # Base Level Fileset

Teradata Employee

Re: AIX ODBC TOTerradata

A more recent ODBC Efix for AIX platform is available to download.  The download contains ICU, TeraGSS, ODBC packages.  Please install them in the order 1)ICU  2)TeraGSS  3)ODBC.